Does ChatGPT Learn from Users? A Detailed Explanation

ChatGPT seems pretty smart, but there’s a lot going on under the hood that many people don’t understand — including whether ChatGPT learns from users.  ChatGPT doesn’t learn from users directly. It’s a static transformer model that predicts what words to say next based on a pre-existing training dataset and the message you sent to … Read more

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How To Train ChatGPT To Write Like You (6 Simple Steps)

If you want to train ChatGPT to write like you, you’re in luck. It is 100% possible to feed ChatGPT your writing samples and have it output something similar. This can result in ChatGPT writing content like a human and creating text that is undetectable by AI detectors. However, due to certain limitations with ChatGPT, … Read more

How Does ChatGPT Work? A Comprehensive Guide

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How To Make ChatGPT Undetectable: TurnItIn, GPTZero + More

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How Often Is ChatGPT Updated? We Did the Math

ChatGPT is the most exciting new technology since Nokia released the indestructible cell phone. And with many previous updates significantly enhancing its capabilities, the prospect of receiving new updates is quite exciting. But how often can we expect ChatGPT to be updated? On average, a ChatGPT update is rolled out approximately every 14 days. Since … Read more

17 Best ChatGPT Plugins For Research

I tried every single ChatGPT plugin and found the 17 best ChatGPT plugins for research. Some of these plugins do similar things, but because each receives varying degrees of support and updates from the developers, I want to include multiple options for each major use case. To quickly find the right plugin for your needs, … Read more

Why Does ChatGPT Stop Writing Mid-Sentence? (+ 6 Easy Fixes)

One of the more annoying flaws of ChatGPT is when it abruptly stops answering you in the middle of a response.  When ChatGPT stops writing mid-sentence, it’s usually because it’s reached its token limit. Other reasons are the servers experiencing heavy demand — which can cause responses to cut off before they finish — or … Read more

How to Make ChatGPT Answer Anything: 13 Jailbreak Prompts

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