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  • Accomplished Content Writer with a strong foundation in SEO-optimized digital marketing content, featured on AuthorityHacker.com.
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Calcutta, enhanced by a digital marketing certification from HubSpot.
  • Combines a passion for storytelling and technology to create engaging and educational content.


Dibakar Ghosh is a seasoned Content Writer, currently authoring SERP-topping articles for AuthorityHacker. He offers a unique blend between a mathematical mind and a storyteller’s heart to deliver data-driven narratives to entertain and educate his readers.

Before writing full-time, Dibakar also had some experience as a maths tutor. One of his notable accomplishments was helping a student elevate their grade from B to A+ within six months. Needless to say, he has a talent for demystifying complex topics and helping people achieve their fullest potential.

At Future Guidebook, Dibakar leverages his deep understanding of digital marketing and artificial intelligence, guiding readers through the rapidly evolving landscape of AI tools and applications. He firmly believes that as our creative ambitions evolve and become more technically complex, AI stands ready not to replace, but to elevate, ensuring that quality and innovation are within reach for all.

Outside of his professional life, Dibakar is an avid cinephile and always watches Chris Nolan movies first day first show. He is also very passionate about music, particularly prog-rock! Steven Wilson’s tracks create the OST for his life. Recently he has also developed a knack for video games, specifically rogue-likes – because he’s a masochist. 😅


Dibakar's educational journey is rooted in Mathematics, with a degree from the prestigious University of Calcutta.

This is complemented by a one-year foundation course in Information Technology from NIELIT. He has further augmented his skills with a digital marketing certification from HubSpot, ensuring he stays ahead in the ever-changing digital marketing arena.

Upcoming Projects

Dibakar is currently launching PocketProductive, a blog dedicated to transforming the mobile phone from a perceived distraction into a powerful tool for productivity. The platform aims to educate users on optimal phone usage, app selection, and organization, ultimately helping them unlock the full potential of their digital devices.

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